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Are you a student stuck with an observation essay? Well, whether you are studying for a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, you have to write multiple types of essays to complete your degree. An observation essay is one the most challenging essays you must go through once in an academic career. To brilliantly write this essay, you need to enhance your observation, analytical, and writing skills. There are four major components of this type of essay that you must remember while writing your essay. Those are attention, retention, reproduction, and motivation. These behaviours can help you to write an excellent essay.

In this essay, you should explain those things you see in your daily life. Giving observation in a way that can impact others’ life is not simple. To expertly write your observation essay, you must follow some tips. To learn those techniques, you should go through this article entirely.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 expert tips that you must follow to brilliantly write an observation essay.

Before discussing those tips, you should need to understand the concept of an observation essay.

What is an Observation Essay?

An observation essay seeks to provide the reader with the most rich visual representation of an incident or situation. This essay can sometimes be centred on a single topic, for instance, a thing, event, or place on which you want to explain your observations to others. An accurate perceptual language is essential to excellently write this type of essay. With the help of this essay, you can transfer your emotions and observations about something to others by describing it in a detailed manner. In this essay writing, you can also change your impression from one to another to expertly present your emotions about that thing, place, or event.

What 10 Tips Should you Follow to Write an Excellent Observation Essay?

1.     Select The Topic:

The first thing you must follow to excellently write your observation essay is to select the best topic. For this, think about an object, event, place, or time that you want to explain in your essay. Make sure that you must select the topic that you think is the best and can be explained in detail. You can also observe the behaviour of people in your essay and present the conclusion on your observation.

2.    Take Field Notes:

To perfectly write your observation essay, you should do some research and collect data on your topic. However, you are writing an essay in which you have to present your observations. Because of this, you should use only your own observations. For example, you have selected a group of people to present their behaviour in different situations in your essay. To collect data for your essay, take field notes and start including their behaviours in your notes. These notes can provide a signific help to you while writing your essay.

3.    Write Only What You See In Your Notes:

You should include only the information those you observe or see doing people. While observing your target audience, you should avoid interpreting your data. Because it is possible that while interpreting your data, you can miss their important actions or reactions. The second thing you must ensure while collecting your data is that you avoid including general descriptions. For example, you can see a fight between two people. Instead of including “the man hit punch”, you should include “Man 1 hit the punch to man 2”.

4.    Explain the Features in 3 to 4 Sentences:

Professors or readers mostly start their reading from the first sentence of an essay. This line should grab your professor’s attention so that he can stick to your essay and read it entirely. Because of it, you must write your first sentence in an excellent way. After writing that line, you should explain the features of your observation in 3 to 4 lines. Note that these lines are written to support the first line. Due to this, you should explain features in different ways. To excellently start your observation essay, you must take enough time.

5.    Create An Outline:

Before writing an observation essay, create an outline so that you can write your essay in a perfect structure. This outline will help you to remain focused on your main theme. You can also be able to write your essay by creating a link between each section by using this outline. The general outline for writing this essay is stated below:

  • Introduction
  • Main body paragraph
  • Conclusion

6.    Start With Your Introduction:

The introduction section provides a basic overview of your observation essay. In this section, you will provide the main features of your topic. You can also present your main observations in this section.

7.    Main Body Paragraph:

After writing your introduction, you should move to your main body paragraph. This section provides extensive insight into your observations. In this section, you should explain the observations that you have discussed in your introduction paragraph. You should divide your main body into two paragraphs. Ensure that each paragraph contains different observation and their supporting arguments and examples.

8.   End With the Conclusion:

After presenting your main discussions, you should finish writing your observation essay by providing end notes. In this paragraph, you have to conclude your main discussion.

9.   Proofread Your Observation Essay:

After writing your essay, you should proofread it. Proofreading will help you to identify spelling and grammar mistakes in your writing. You should submit an excellently written essay that does not contain any mistakes, so it positively impacts your professor.

10. Buy Essay Online:

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An observation essay is a type of essay in which you must present your observations about any event, location, or time. To brilliantly write this essay, you should follow the above-discussed tips.

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