Art is something which every person loves, but not everyone is expert in art. Art help you express about your dreams, passion and challenges you are facing. You can see tattoo as an art. It is an art which is drawn on to somebody’s body. An artist draws on blank piece of canvas, but for a tattoo artist the body of his customer is his canvas. He can show his skill with help of ink and a needle.

I have seen many people in my life who discourage other persons who are going to get a tattoo. Idk “what their problem with tattoo is?” they always see someone with tattoo as negative person. They quickly judge the person.

But, do not get influenced by these people, it is a part of capturing the beauty of your life, there are many memories you want to keep remembering so getting inked will make those memory a permanent part of your life. There are a lot of Tattoo studio in Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru from where you can get a tattoo of your choice.

This is one of the reasons to get inked, in this article I will tell you all the possible reasons that why you should get a tattoo:

In the memory of a loved one –

If in recent past you have lost a loved one or someone who have moved across the globe then you might want to get a tattoo for that special person. It does not matter if your loved one isn’t your close family member or friends. The loved could be your pet dog or a cat, or someone you idolize. “When Kobe Bryant died many of his fans Tattooed his face or name on their body to keep him close”. If you love someone and lost them in recent times then you can get a tattoo to always keep remembering that person. You can get a tattoo of his/her face, name, date of birth or the thing they used to love.

To remember specific events of your life –

There are some dates or events which hold some great values in your life maybe its your birthday, anniversary, the date you first met your lover, or when your favorite won world cup etc. Everyone has some special events they never want to forget in life. Getting a tattoo for that particular event might be the solution for this because the tattoo will remain with you throughout your life. And every time you will see that tattoo that will make you happy.

To get a new and different experience –

If you are someone who want to get a tattoo and there are no such memories, or specific events to remember then you can still get a tattoo done because sometimes getting inked doesn’t require any memories or life events, and you can get inked just to get a new experience. There are many people who loves to get inked for no particular reasons because getting inked is an experience in itself. Getting a tattoo done is an experience in itself because you first need to find the right artist, select the design which you want, go through the pain of getting inked and waiting for the final result.

To express art –

Some people who are just creative like to get inked because they just want to express their thoughts as a creativity. There are some people who use their body as a blank canvas and like to get inked with some creative designs. If you look at such person then you will realize



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