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Design and Develop Business Intelligence with MSBI tools and their functionalities.


Data is just a technical term. A layman would never understand the data in its technical format. You can only gain information from that data if it is in an understandable format. This understandable format of data refers to information. So, MSBI is overall just an abbreviated format for Microsoft Business Intelligence. For a better understanding of MSBI, it is first important to get a thorough understanding of BI (Business Intelligence). Even an MSBI Online Training can help you learn all the essentials of its Business Intelligence. 

What is actually Business Intelligence?

When raw data convert into meaningful information by using tools and techniques or even by performing analysis, cleansing, modeling, etc. it is known as BI. In a broader context, Business Intelligence includes the following process. 

Data Cleansing – Data comes to any organization in different formats. Industry-wise, it is crucial to collect the data which is important and eliminate unnecessary data. Sometimes data may even include some errors. So, the process of gathering the desired and error-free data is known as Data Cleansing.

Data Modelling – All the data coming to the organization cannot be in a definite format or from a specifically defined single source. Thus, all these data come under a single data warehouse. This process of data warehousing refers to data modeling.

Data Transformation – Data Transformation mainly involves the extraction, transformation, as well as loading of data.

Data Representation – The process of analyzing the data and representing it in a visual format or by developing dashboards is known as Data Representation.

Data Analysis – The process of analyzing the data with the means of analytical and statistical tools to come up with the strategic applicable answers for any organization.

So, overall Business Intelligence is just a technology while, MSBI is a critical tool to implement it. Moving further, lets us understand what MSBI is.


Microsoft Business Intelligence consists of tools to offer solutions for Business intelligence. The three MSBI tools are as follows.

  • SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services
  • SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services
  • SSAS – SQL Server Analytical Services

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)

This part is useful in integrating the data coming from various data sources in a data warehouse. SSIS mainly performs the integration for data warehousing. The number of data sources contribute together to form data. To correctly store all this data ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) process takes place. This Phase is responsible to process all the data from various locations and further integrating it to store it in a data warehouse. The data warehouse is commonly useful for storing data from multiple data sources. SSIS is typically responsible for bulk transactions.

SSAS (SQL Server Analytical Services)

This is responsible for performing the analysis of the data. SSAS ‘s main aim is to develop Online Analytical Processing Solutions (OLAP). It also helps to analyze a huge volume of data. This tool up to some extent relates to the administration of SQL Server. SSAS is responsible for analyzing the data before it inserts into the database. It analyzes the SQL server in reference to good performance, load handling capacity, dice, slice, drill-down functionalities, security, and many more.

SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)

This is now responsible for preparing reports that include visuals. SSRS is mainly a reporting platform that presents modern as well as traditional reports through suitable or custom applications. SSRS is platform-independent and moreover quite efficient. It can retrieve data from different sources and can further export the functionality in multiple formats. It even has access to web-based reports. It can display reports in forms like tabular, gauge, chart, and many more.

What are the benefits of MSBI?

The following are a few reasons to prefer MSBI over other BI tools

  • MSBI offers great ETL data-gathering tools
  • MSBI has interactive dashboards as well as scorecards to help in easy data access
  • Data analysis can be done in a protective environment without the need for specialist intervention
  • All working users of MSBI can work on similar version of data simultaneously
  • Accuracy is well maintained by MSBI even through large data volumes
  • MSBI provides easy and convenient integration with other Microsoft products.


You go to know about Business Intelligence and its functions. Also, its benefits over other Business Intelligence tools. MSBI even provides solutions for the problem of the security of data. Moreover, MSBI Training Institute in Gurgaon is an ideal platform to learn more about this business intelligence suit. Hence, start learning and move towards a new career. 

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