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Data is an essential entity for analysis that is collected from various sources over the network to draw useful information from it. All business users make use of data analysis to derive meaningful insights from it. This Business intelligence is widely in practice across organizations. The BI experts are then transforming business data with the help of computer-based techniques and allowing users to make fact-supported decisions. The business intelligence tool from Microsoft is an ideal solution for all business requirements. Moreover, prefer to take an MSBI Online Training to wider your knowledge base in this domain. First, let’s start by understanding, what is actually MSBI all about. 

What is MSBI?

MSBI or Microsoft Business Intelligence offers a set of tools to help in optimizing the solutions for Business Intelligence and other Data Mining Queries. MSBI makes use of SQL Server and Visual Studio platform to empower users to get access to the current information for making better decisions. 

It further allows users to analyze, identify, and visualize data with strong self-serve BI in Excel, hence allowing sharing and collaboration of reports or data with SharePoint. 

Given below are some features you can enjoy using MSBI;

# It offers a unified view of data to make good decisions.

# It lowers and also removes instinctive decisions.

# Allows quick and timely decisions for businesses to make them more responsive for suiting dynamic business trends.

# It lowers the need for manual work that eliminates the chances of errors in return.

# Additionally offers strong support for data analysis.

# Supporting historical and summarized data.

Understanding the MSBI Architecture 

The MSBI architecture includes different ETL tools, such as SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS. However, there are also some common terms relating to MSBI Architecture. Like;  

Data and Information: Data acts as the raw material for analysis for necessary transactions or events. With proper utilization of data, it further becomes information. 

Database: A database is an organized collection of data that can be retrieved under conditions using different tools or queries.

Database Management System: The particularly designed software apps for allowing interaction with users, other tools, or even the database itself suiting the business requirements.

Data Warehouse: A data warehouse can store both kinds of current and historical data for making business reporting and data analysis much easier. Moreover, it is quite helpful for making quick decisions by summarizing the overall information.

Database Engine: A functional part of the engine that further drives and builds relational databases.

Datamart: A small part of the data warehouse that holds summarized information.

ETL: A very common term, meaning extract, transform, and load. It extracts the data from various sources in multiple formats, transforms the data into an easily digestible format, and loads the data to a final target like a data warehouse, data mart, and more.

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)

Features of SSIS 

# It makes use of a graphical tool for creating or debugging packages.

# Useful for integrating data from one database to another such as SQL Server to Excel or Oracle, etc.

# The tool can be useful for bulk transactions such as adding hundreds of records to the database at once and even more.

SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services)

Features of SSAS

# Analyses data on the basis of collected facts resulting in shorter query response time.

# Additionally, allows multi-dimensional analysis by cubes that improves the implementation speed.

# Automatically displays and links reports 

# Creating good data models for efficient data reporting and analysis of data.

# Offers excellent data integrity by excellent data backups

# Secured organization through powerful SSAS solutions.

# Moreover, allows you to work with the tool anytime, just with an active internet connection.

SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)

Features of SSRS

# Allows retrieving data from different sources in multiple formats.

# Further, offers web-based access to reports.

# Excellent support for ad-hoc reporting.

# A report builder mechanism for building reports as per the needs of end-users.

# Indeed, an easy subscription option attracts users around the globe.

# Additionally offers features and functionalities in multiple formats.

# It displays reports in multiple formats like Tabular, Pie Charts, Gauge, and more


MSBI tools are of great helps to business users. With MSBI Training in Noida prepare yourselves to work in this field. Further, under a team of experts learn the most useful tips and techniques to utilize this tool completely. Thus, make use of this demand and start your career in this direction now. 

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