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A successful company with loyal customers and many sales depends not only on the quality of the products or services, the attention and warmth of the staff, and a well-structured and ambitious business plan, but also on the technology that converts processes and integrates tasks, offering a new experience to consumers and facilitating our work as brand leaders of a brand.

For this reason, at Dynamics Square, we are precisely dedicated to delivering innovative digital products and services that allow us to support the transformation of our clients’ businesses. 

One of those products is Dynamics 365 for Sales , a solution that will modernise your sales process, ensuring greater efficiency and productivity, and automating the sales force to generate higher revenue.

This software will also give you the certainty of being prepared for today’s market, where customer preferences change from moment to moment, drastic and sudden changes are generated in the business landscape, competitors are updated in a hurry, and everything happens digitally. 

The best thing is that Dynamics 365 for Sales includes a simple, intelligent, and adaptable system, pre-built and ready to use, that actively monitors countless signals and turns them into useful insights, which, well used, will guarantee you more and better sales

In other words, it goes beyond any sales management system, as it is a cloud application that allows you to unify and analyse data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Microsoft 365, and your own. 

Specifically, with this platform, you will be able to: 

  • Take advantage of artificial intelligence and kickstart digital sales, interacting with your customers anywhere. 
  • Provide your salespeople with all the data they need to build relationships with current and potential customers, remotely but effectively. 
  • Boost the productivity of your sales team with fully integrated tools, optimising the entire process. 
  • Improve the preparation of personnel by taking advantage of existing information to draw conclusions and make decisions in real time and in the face of emerging trends. 
  • improve profitability and innovate.

Do you already use sales management software?

Sales management is critical to a company’s success because it optimises the use of administrative resources and the issuance of quotes, orders, dispatches, invoices, and so on.

It implies the adequate training and management of a sales team. The monitoring and notification of their achievements in accordance with the figures or goals set. And the monitoring of the global sales of the company and of each employee.

The achievement reports, in turn, serve as a basis for analysing the direction the company is taking in order to gradually adopt policies that contribute to increasing sales and improving profitability.

And, as the process becomes more complex as the company grows. Technology has evolved to provide solutions in the form of software programmes that integrate and automate the various aspects of sales management.

Intelligence and automation 

This is why Dynamics 365 for Sales provides a solution that helps the sales team move through the reality of the modern and changing world of sales. It is not only keeping automated control of the activities carried out but also anticipating events.

Predicting customer preferences is of greater importance in a world where the competition is working at full speed. Trying to attract customers through new and surprising proposals.

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales has an intelligent, pre-designed. Ready-to-use built-in system that acquires information from signals and converts it into useful knowledge adaptable to each company in particular.
  • The sales management software contains customer-related information integration tools and an intelligent optimization system to optimise each sales process.
  • It provides key information, both in real time and on emerging trends, so that the company’s managers and salespeople can draw conclusions and make decisions.
  • Help reduce costs by coordinating sales and marketing and shortening sales cycles with effective predictions.
  • It provides adaptable and scalable sales solutions that are easy to customize, extend, and connect with other Microsoft applications and services.

Dynamics 365 CRM Sales is designed so that you can transform business models and control all aspects of sales by focusing on the right customers, with whom you can interact anytime, anywhere.

In summary, this system will allow you to know and understand your customers better, and facilitate the work of your salespeople by giving them the tools to build stronger and more lasting relationships, which will translate into new business and positioning.

By john.dynamics

Johni is the marketing manager for Dynamics Square, a leading Microsoft Dynamics partner in the UK and USA. I have a passion for writing and have been published on several sites, including Microsoft Dynamics and Entrepreneur. The company helps enterprises seamlessly manage their operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Power BI Services, Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain, Sales, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Power Apps, and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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