The hoverboard has become one of the most popular products on the global market. It is a category that has not been on the market for too long, but has managed to gain a large legion of followers worldwide. Although there are many consumers who do not know very well what this product is or its usefulness.

Therefore, Next we will talk about what hoverboards are and what they are for . Because it’s a product we see with great frequency on the market and it doesn’t look like its popularity is going away anytime soon.
What is a hoverboard?
It is the main question that many consumers ask , because many do not really know what this product consists of. Most likely, we have previously seen a photo, video or seen it in a store, but we are not clear about its usefulness or operation.

A hoverboard can be said to be an evolution of skates or skates. It is an electric vehicle, which we can see as an evolution of the classic skates and segways. In fact, in terms of operation, it is very similar to the Segway , although it takes elements from the two examples I mentioned. At least over short distances anyway.
A hoverboard is composed of a platform, where we have a space to put our feet. On both sides of the platform, we have two wheels, of variable sizes (between 6 and 8 inches is the most common). The person using it must stand at all times while using it. It can reach a speed of up to 10 kilometers per hour , although it depends on the engine power of each model.

How a hoverboard works
In terms of design, hoverboards usually do not differ from one model to another , maybe the size of the wheels is different, the position of the lights or the color are. But the design remains pretty uniform. It consists of a platform with two spaces for you to place your feet in, in addition to having two wheels on the sides of the platform as you can see in the photo. They usually have two engines, on each side of the platform.

Hoverboards are powered by batteries, which are usually lithium. A battery that we can easily recharge at home with the charger I usually bring. We also have a number of sensors in them, such as gyroscopes . They are responsible for detecting the weight of the person using it at the time to maintain balance at all times. It is the most important aspect because the person using it will have to sit all the time.
To be able to direct the hoverboard, as if you want to go in a specific direction, the user will have to make a movement that indicates it , with your feet. Movements such as pressing forward, sideways to turn, or backward to make the vehicle move in the desired direction. It is an essential part of these types of products, although especially in the beginning, it is difficult to manage them. It is a matter of practice.

Hoverboard model comparison
Once we know more about what a hoverboard is, in addition to its operation, we present below some models currently available on the market . In this way, we can see the differences between these models, which will help you better understand the different types of hoverboards that we currently have available. You might also find one that you find interesting.

Hiboy TW01-0006
We start with this model, which belongs to one of the most popular and appreciated brands in this segment. It is a hoverboard with 6.5 inch wheels , which is the smallest and most common on the market. They are durable wheels that adhere well to the asphalt and prevent slipping, which undoubtedly gives the device great security. We find two 250 W motors, on each of the wheels.

This hoverboard reaches a maximum speed of 12 km / h , while offering us an autonomy of 20 km. The first charge should be done overnight, about eight hours, but once that is done, each time it finishes, about 2-3 hours is usually enough to fully charge it. The maximum weight it supports is 100 kilos, something we have to consider when we or someone else will get on it.
SmartGyro X2 alb
Another of the most famous brands in the hoverboard segment and a model that is one of the best sellers and has the best ratings from consumers and experts. Like the previous device, it has 6.5-inch wheels . These are wheels that stand out for their resistance and for perfect adhesion to the asphalt, allowing safe driving at all times with it.

The speed we can reach with this hoverboard is between 10 and 12 km/h , depending on the situation. It is a common speed for this type of product, which allows us to move around the city comfortably. It has a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh, which gives us an autonomy of up to 20 kilometers. Charging usually takes about three hours. In addition, we can always monitor its status because there is a battery indicator on the hoverboard itself.

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