New Jersey Hidden Gems: Fun Places to Take the Kids

New Jersey offers a wide range of activities for children of all ages to enjoy. Families with young children can visit the Garden State Discovery Museum, explore an educational farm, and take an outdoor train ride at Northlandz. The Liberty Science Center, Railroad Miniature Wonderland, and Six Flags Great Adventure provides exciting exhibits and rides for older kids. Regardless of age or interest, there’s always something to do in New Jersey, from theme parks and movie theaters to county fairs and sports fields. It’s a great vacation destination for families and friends to spend time together.

Family Fun in New Jersey: Railroad Museum, Amusement Parks, Zoos, and More

We find the list of best places to visit in new jersey with family and kids:

Northlandz Miniature Wonderland

Discover the largest collection of model trains in the world at Northlandz. Explore a 16-acre miniature world filled with lifelike features set within a natural setting. The museum was created using leftover materials from construction work by Bruce William, who ultimately found success in building model train. With over 100 trains traveling an eight-mile route, featuring hundreds of mountains and tunnels, self-guided tours, a large courtyard, and a life-size outdoor train, Northlandz is a must-see destination in New Jersey, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records and other major media. When visiting Flemington, make sure to include Northlandz in your itinerary. Visitors to Northlandz can expect to spend several hours exploring the attraction’s many scenes of exhibits. The Miniature Doll Museum, featuring over 2,000 dolls in a 94-room dollhouse, adds to the fun for children. Tips for Visiting Northlandz: Plan to spend at least two to three hours at the attraction. Because there will be a lot of walking, put on some comfy shoes. Bring a camera to take pictures of the many amazing sights. The attraction is wheelchair accessible. The Miniature Wonderland has a Full-size steam locomotive outdoor train that offers rides for all ages.

The Liberty Science Center

The Liberty Science Center is a fun and educational destination for families in Philadelphia. With a focus on science and technology, the center offers a wide range of interactive exhibits, 3D shows, and hands-on activities. Visitors of all ages can learn and discover something new while enjoying the experience. The Liberty Science Center is New Jersey’s largest museum and a must-see attraction for anyone interested in science and technology. From the weightless ball experience in the Touch Tunnel to engaging exhibits like iExplore and Wonder Why the Liberty Science Center is a great place for families to spend a day.

The Garden State Discovery Museum

The Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill is a popular destination for families with young children. The museum offers a variety of interactive exhibits, such as an obstacle course, miniature trains, and a playground with a tree house and pool, as well as crafts and games that allow visitors to learn about science and history. Additionally, the museum features traveling exhibits that showcase new and exciting skills. Children of all ages can enjoy the museum’s hands-on spaces, including a dinosaur exhibit, art studio, theater room, science experiments, and a fairytale castle. Even the youngest visitors can participate in a special room designed for gentle exploration.

Turtle Back Zoo

Experience the excitement of encountering your favorite animals at the Turtle Back Zoo. Nestled in the South Mountain Recreation Complex in West Orange, New Jersey, it’s a perfect destination for a family outing. Discover a wide variety of animal exhibits, including a sea turtle center, touch pools, Big Cat Country, Wolf Woods, and a butterfly exhibit. Additionally, the zoo offers children’s rides, mini golf, playgrounds, and tree-climbing classes. Open daily from 10 am to 4 pm, this historic zoo is just a 30-minute drive from Jersey City. Keep in mind, tickets are valid only for the time of entry and there is a 30-minute window for entry after purchase.

The Adventure Aquarium

The Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey is a popular destination for marine life enthusiasts. It features a large collection of sharks and other sea creatures, as well as interactive touch tanks and a shark tunnel. The aquarium also offers resources and accommodations for visitors with special needs. Food options are available on-site for those who need a break during their visit.

Battleship New Jersey

Step aboard the USS New Jersey, the longest battleship ever built, now a floating museum on the Delaware River in Camden. Visitors of all ages can explore the ship, including children who enjoy running around the deck and navigating the corridors. On Saturdays, a special event is held where visitors can pay an additional fee to shoot the ship’s 40mm cannon during a Salute Gun Shoot.

Steel Pier

Experience excitement and adventure at Steel Pier in Atlantic City. With over 20 rides, games, and attractions, it’s the perfect spot for family fun in New Jersey. There’s something for all ages, including a large Ferris wheel called The Wheel and The Ax and the Pub where you can participate in ax throwing competitions. Don’t forget to grab some fair food at the bars and restaurants on the pier.

Six Flags

Six Flags Great Adventure, located in New Jersey, offers a blend of thrilling rides and kid-friendly activities. The theme park boasts a range of roller coasters and attractions suitable for all ages, as well as a drive-thru safari park where visitors can view animals from around the world. The park also provides accommodations for guests with autism, disabilities, and special needs.

New Jersey offers a variety of options for visitors, catering to all moods and interests. Must-visit places for family fun include indoor adventures such as model train worlds and science parks, as well as the aquarium and historical park for animal encounters. No matter your preferences, there’s an exciting indoor adventure to be found in New Jersey.




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