Top 10 Shopify apps

Shopify is one of the biggest names in eCommerce development and it is being utilised by many retail business owners. It can not only help you put things on your eCommerce store conveniently but help you achieve a boosted sale. Almost every Shopify agency UK is utilising these top 10 shopify apps to make the most out of the eStore.

Why is there a need for Shopify apps for eStore?

If you want to enhance the flexibility and functionality of the Shopify store, the best practice is to go for apps. These are integrations that can boost customer experience on the platform with add-ons. There are many apps available both free and paid that can enhance the operations in marketing, SEO, store design, customer service, order fulfilment, inventory management, speed optimisation, and more.

With these apps, you can add flexibility and increase overall revenue with the help of analytics and personalised marketing. It can boost the conversion rate by a wide margin.

Top 10 apps for your Shopify store

There are plenty of apps to streamline the customer experience across all platforms on the eCommerce store. Here are the top 10 apps that you should utilise to benefit your business:


It is a live chat and chatbot app for an eCommerce store that can enhance functionality on any platform. It can be integrated with social media to manage customer communication effectively. You can manage chats, calls, and emails with one panel and manage customer service processes easily.

Chat can enhance sales and reclaim abandoned carts by giving personalised answers based on user behaviour. This app can be installed very easily on Shopify. Here are the top features of the app:

  • Effective communication channel integration
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Reduced cost
  • Enhanced conversion rate with increased engagement
  • Automatic product information availability


This app can be used for eStore to increase low conversion with mobile devices and reduce marketing ad budget. It can be managed with easy-to-use features and it can manage traffic with the best user experience.

With push notifications, it can be used for product promotions, back-in-stock notifications and sending abandoned cart reminders. It can reduce the marketing budget and increase sales by decreasing abandoned cart rates. Here are some features that make it one of the best apps:

  • In-app chat feature
  • Multilingual customer chat options
  • 24/7 support
  • Multiple theme options
  • Easy integration with other Shopify apps

PageFly Landing Page Builder

A successful eCommerce store needs to optimise the landing pages and there is a need of creating new pages every now and then. With this app, you can drag and drop to create quality landing pages.

With intuitive page-building features, it can design pages with pre-made elements. It is one of the best solutions to improve the performance of Shopify stores. Here are some key benefits of PageFly landing page builder:

  • Simple drag-and-drop features for building landing pages
  • Flexibility to build pages with or without page
  • Pages that are optimised for any type of devices


It is a page speed optimiser that can improve user experience. Website loading speed matters and it is one of the most crucial factors for loading landing pages instantly. It helps in SEO and can be utilised for the Shopify store to deliver an exceptional user experience.

It can help eStore prevent loss and increase loading time for web pages. Here are some features of the booster app that are helpful in improving user experience:

  • Improved loading speed on every device
  • Reduced bounce rates
  • Faster loading time to increase sales
  • Preload pages in the background for quick access


It is the best app for providing notifications and tracking orders and is used to enhance the delivery experience. It can provide real-time tracking of orders and give updates with push notifications.  easily integrated with email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

With this, you can also schedule reviews from customers after successful delivery. It gives you better areas to improve your eCommerce store built on Shopify. Here are some features of this app:

  • Customisable tracking page
  • Real-time updates
  • Easy integration with WhatsApp and SMS
  • Shipment status delivery


This tool is a marketing tool that can boost Shopify stores to deliver great value to customers. Focus to improve the overall user experience and boost communication between shoppers and businesses.

It can be used to recover abandoned carts and for upselling purposes. It can also be used to send emails to new users. Here are some benefits of using the AVA app for your business:

  • The improved abandoned cart recovery process
  • Personalised marketing management
  • SMS and email request for review submission
  • Quick and straightforward templates
  • Free to use up to 500 contacts


Producing customised products based on printing have a huge margin for making profits. The demand is increasing with this tool, you can enhance the overall customisation with products. it can help your store to source material without any third-party help.

With this, you can start your business from zero and build a brand without heavy infrastructure costs.  Here are some quality advantages of the Printify app in Shopify:

  • Start a business with minimal risk
  • Direct delivery from the manufacturer
  • Customisation option
  • Free-to-use application

Return prime

Return Prime is one of the best Shopify apps. With this great Shopify app, you can easily manage your logistics. The process of returns and exchanges can be streamline if you follow a few simple steps. Saving time and effort for your customers while cutting down on unnecessary costs for you is possible with the help of this app.

It can be use to order return management efficiently and handle returns for your Shopify eStore. Here are some of the features to use in the Shopify store:

  • Define and develop return and product exchange policies
  • Restrict return with convenient conditions
  • Allow easy exchange
  • Can handle five requests for free

Infinite options

It eliminates the variant limit on the Shopify store. With this, you can add product options and utilise the custom fields with multiple parameters. The Infinite Options platform allows you to create unlimited custom fields including text, numbers, calendars, checkboxes, and dropdown menus.

It is possible to use these for products with engravings, personal messages, or other types of customization. Here are some features to enhance customer experience on the Shopify store:

  • Set field as needed
  • Create calendars
  • Set maximum and minimum fields


This is one of the best apps for Shopify to utilise customer segmentation. Base on frequency, it is use to evaluate store performance. Create personalised email campaigns without the need for any third-party tool.

It can be use to understand the customer base of the store and create effective strategies for the same. It can also be use to improve communication. Here are some features of this app:

  • Automated customer tagging
  • Store analytics management
  • Increased retention rate
  • Data exportation

Utilise Shopify apps for your eStore

The Shopify App Store offers a huge variety of great apps for both eCommerce entrepreneurs and more established Shopify store owners. App developers London can give you a brief about what apps you can utilise to achieve the maximum out of your online retail business store.

From all-in-one creative marketing solutions to shipping and customer service services applications, Shopify has something for every process for your eStore.

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