Reasons Why Every Landlord Should Invest in an EICR Report

Electrical safety standards are among the many regulations landlords in the UK need to comply with. Since the government continues to introduce new regulations every now and then to improve the safety of properties, especially in the privately rented sector, landlords looking to keep tenants out of danger and maintain the value of their properties need to obtain an EICR certificate.

Recently, we have seen an increasing number of landlords hoping to manage their properties. They are willing to learn more about the EICR certificate in London cost. To help ease those, we have put together this guide to help you understand why it is worth every penny.

But before we delve into the topic let us first walk you through what an EICR certificate is.

EICR is the short form for Electrical Installation Condition Report. It helps to determine if there are any signs of danger and identify the areas that need improvement in a property.

Why do landlords need the EICR certificate?

According to the new regulations issued in 2020, all landlords need to have their properties’ electrical installations tested by a qualified electrician every 5 years.

Since 1 April 2021, the same law applies to cases when tenants occupy a property as their main or only residence and pay rent.

Reasons why investing in EICR is worth your while:

The safety factor is there

Obtaining an EICR certificate offer n number of benefits to landlords. The very first thing landlords want to ensure while renting out their properties is the safety of their properties and tenants.

EICR is the way to ensure the safety of the occupants in a property. When people live on a property, all the electrical installation has to work without fault. However, with time they tend to wear out. If the electric system of the property is compromised and not in its best condition, it could be dangerous for the people living there and the property too.

So, having your property inspected and tested by a competent individual is a must if you want to ensure there is no faulty wiring or appliances present in the property.

There is no denying that electrical faults lead to a lot of injuries, causing accidental fires and unpredictability. When you have your property tested, it becomes easier for you to save the property and the tenants living in it.

It helps you meet the electrical safety standards

A host of electrical safety rules are there that need to be followed by landlords. The safety of the property is a must for a landlord to protect. The electrical installations of your property should be in tip-top condition. If you are a commercial building owner, you will also have to abide by certain safety regulations. You getting an EICR means all the electrical systems in your property are thoroughly inspected and there is nothing wrong with your property’s wiring or the electrical appliances.

You get to claim an insurance

While you cannot predict an accident, you can be prepared for the worst to prevent it in the future. An EICR certificate can help you get an insurance claim if there is an emergency. As part of their insurance policy, insurance companies want to see if your property’s electrical testing is done regularly. Your certificate will show them that everything is authentic and the accident was unavoidable. No doubt, it will strengthen your claim even more.

Your money matters

If the electrical installations are not working properly on your property but you keep ignoring it till the last minute. You will have to spend a fortune on huge repairs. Having the EICR London cost report helps you to watch out for the areas where there are flaws in the electrical system, giving you an opportunity to fix the issue when there is still time. The report will also offer you solutions that will help improve the energy efficiency of the entire system.

Boosted energy efficiency

Property owners know the pain of increasing energy bills. With each passing day, the energy costs are getting high up. It is a smart way to make the electrical system energy efficient and enjoy a decreased rate of electricity bills.

When you choose to upgrade wiring, lighting, appliances, heating, and cooling system, it will make the system more energy efficient. With the help of an EICR, you identify the problematic areas in the system. And that will, in turn, make it easier for you to make changes according to the observations.

Frequently Asked EICR Questions / FAQs

Is EICR a mandate for landlords?

According to the law, landlords have to have an EICR certificate from a designated inspection officer. He or she should be responsible for assessing the positive and negative outcomes with relevant suggestions to improve on the areas that need improvement.

Can any electrician issue an EICR?

Not all electricians have the authority to issue an EICR certificate. Electricians that are registered are liable to do so. Landlords, therefore, need to hire a certified person for the job.

What is standard validity period for an EICR?

The normal period for the EICR testing is ten years for all domestic properties.

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