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A brochure or brochure for companies has positive effects on the image of a business, increasing the possibility of getting buyers and attracting future clients.

Because of this, investing in the design of a business brochure is a smart decision that will complement your brand’s advertising strategies.

Knowing what a brochure is will motivate you to incorporate it to improve the presentation of your products or services. It will also help you offer a professional experience to those interested in your work.

What is a brochure? Elegant documentation that elevates your business

A brochure is a type of stationery or personalized documentation for companies that collects information about their products, services, or activities. Basically, it is a series of Brochures and Stationaries Reston, VA that show in a professional and concise way what a brand offers to its customers.

Accordingly, it is important that you know the following details, which will serve to understand a little more about what a brochure is and what it means to create one:

  • What is in a business brochure? The sections may vary depending on the company, the design, the objective, and the information it will contain.t is also important to include contact information, social networks, and if you have a website, its address.
  • Who designs the corporate brochure? These brochures are part of the advertising strategies, therefore, an agency with designers, copywriters, and digital strategists will help you effectively create your advertising stationery.

Importance of the corporate brochure for sales and business image

You already know what a brochure is. Now you have to know its importance, and it is that this series of documents have a significant impact on how customers see you.

It also demonstrates professionalism and significantly improves the experience of the people who interact with your company.

Think about it, instead of giving them a simple text or telling them by voice what you offer, you are going to deliver or send them by email or other means a document with professional designs and texts. Said document will be easy to read, eye-catching, and will have the most relevant information points and what they need to know to hire you.

They will have this at their disposal at all times, especially if it is digital, and they will be able to resort to it every time they need something from what you sell. All this, without having to call or write to you every time to ask about the options you offer; an action that often stops people from buying or hiring you. As you can see, it’s great!

If you were wondering what a brochure is or if it was necessary for your business, now you know that it is an essential product that is also part of the company’s presentation.

Most common types of brochures for companies and businesses

Another point that derives from knowing what a brochure is, is wanting to know the types of brochures that a company can use. Among the most common options are those described below:

  • Informative Brochure: it is one that focuses on informing people about a respective topic. You can be present at conferences, seminars, workshops, and various activities related to your business. They are ideal for educating potential customers about a certain product, service, or need. Its informative function also helps promote your brand and what it offers, while generating interest.

Other types

Regarding the format, you can get the following types of brochures, which are usually the most used today:

  • Triptychs: they have three folds that generate six faces or sections for the content.
  • Catalogs: they are small books or a collection of pages that contain the different products or services of a company. They usually include photos of them, their description, and sometimes the prices.
  • Magazines – Gathers multiple pages together and is reminiscent of a slightly thinner book, depending on how much content it has. You can combine informative and promotional content, or you can make a magazine for each purpose.

Those are a few varieties, but don’t let this information limit you. It is possible to create a brochure with an advertising function or another objective with designs that are totally different from those mentioned. It can be a 3D brochure, one with an abstract shape, or one with a minimalist touch.

Everything will depend on the style of your brand, the objectives of the brochure, and the impact you want to generate.


A brochure is a type of brochure that shows the products or services of a company with designs and text.

Therefore, it is recommended that every entrepreneur and advertising team consider incorporating them into the business.

Knowing what a brochure is helps you recognize the importance of this type of documentation to promote and spread your brand.

And if you want a creative, effective, and original brochure, count on us! We have a lot of experience in designing brochures and business stationery.

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