How to Apply for the Partner Visa?

In the beginning, you need to check if you meet all the criteria. You then have to prepare all your documents that prove your relationship with your partner. Next, you can follow the steps to lodge your application for any partner visa.

  1. You can create an “ImmiAccount” for the online application.
  2. Ask your partner to fill out the 47SP Application form for your migrant to the country.
  3. You need to fill out the 40SP Sponsorship Form to allow your partner’s migration.
  4. Next, you have to pay the application fee.
  5. After that, you can review your application and see all the details are correct.
  6. Submit your form to lodge the application.
  7. In the last process, you would be asked to submit the documents.

With these steps, your partner can grant the visa. Then they can legally come to Australia and stay with you. You can also keep track of the application process. You can know if everything is going alright.

This way, even if your visa gets rejected, you would know beforehand. Then nothing can be as helpful as consulting the partner visa lawyers. The lawyers in Australia have all the knowledge about the partner visa. They can provide you with the best help you cannot get from anyone else.

Do the Partner Visa Have Work Rights?

Each partner visa grants you permission to work. Whether it is temporary or permanent, your partner can associate with all kinds of business or employment activities without restrictions.

Can Your Partner Visa Application Get Rejected?

Your visa application can only get accepted if you have read the conditions carefully. In the case of polygamous marriages, it can happen. Also, if your relationship with your spouse comes under a prohibited degree of relationship, the application cannot pass the verification test.

For instance, if your spouse is somehow your descendent or ancestor. Or they are related to you on the basis of full blood or half blood. In such cases, you cannot grant the partner visa. Thus, do not waste your time applying for it. Rather contacting a lawyer would solve your problem and advise you on what is right.

Why Choose Migration Lawyers Perth?

Opt. for migration lawyers Perth services for applying for a partner visa. They will assist you with the best solution considering eligibility. You can apply with the help of an agent for applying to partner visa. But there will be a chance of visa rejection. Migration Lawyers Perth offered a vast range of legal services like business visas, investor visas, bridging visas, employer-sponsored visas, child visas, parent visas, partner visas, medical treatment visas, skilled visas, temporary work visas, visitors visas etc.


In conclusion, the partner visa has various categories. Each of them allows your partner to associate with full-time work. If you want to choose the correct category for you, the Partner visa lawyer Perth can help you. They have qualified and experienced lawyers to show you the correct path to get the right category of visa as per your requirement.

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