Extruded Acrylic sheets

Extruded acrylic is affordable making it a good solution in general fabrication and a variety of applications. In addition, extruded acrylic is clearer than glass and will not get yellow after long sun exposure because it resists UV light degradation.

Extruded acrylics have consistent thickness during manufacturing process making it ideal for general fabrication and suitable for a variety of applications. The Extruded sheets have a high tolerance when heated or folded, are more malleable and can also be easily flame polished it bonds exceptionally well when used in conjunction with solvent-based adhesives.

Extruded Plexiglass is easy to bend, cut, and polish which makes it good for greenhouse glazing shed and garage window installation or indoor applications.

What is the manufacturing process of extruded acrylic?

Extruded acrylic are manufactured through a process involving the pushing of acrylic pellets through extrusion dies that are highly polished to produce the finished product. They are also universally popular due to their affordability.

The extrusion process starts by feeding the extrusion-grade polymers or resin pellets into an extruder. This equipment heats the resin pellets until they melt and become molten mass. The molten mass is then forced out of the extruder barrel and into steel dies which are flattened to form large extruded acrylic sheets.

What are the benefits of acrylic extrusion?

  • Acrylic extrusion is an affordable option and produces sheets that are more dimensionally stable.
  • It provided more flexibility and you can use extruded acrylic to produce complete shapes such as decorative trims.
  • They also allow for easy alteration during and immediately after execution.
  • You also obtain good mechanical properties using this particular method.
  • The advantage of this is that it enables you to manufacture high-quality and durable acrylic products.
  • The acrylic extrusion process results in a good surface finish. This is allows you to have a minimum makeover for the product as far as surface finishing is concerned.

How to clean extruded acrylic?

  • The ideal solution to use is a commercial plastic cleaner and mild soap and water in removing dirt.
  • Always ensure that you use a micro fiber or a non-abrasive cloth that won’t scratch the surface of the sheet.
  • To prevent any sort of blotting, you need to ensure that you wipe clean all the solvents.
  • You should never use gasoline as a cleaning solution for acrylic extrusion sheeting.

Extrusion acrylic costs less and is dimensionally stable which means the thickness is more consistent across the sheets. They are also easier to laser cut, rout and polish more cost-effectively. They are also less susceptible to dirt or particulate contamination in the production process.

Extruded acrylic is a type of acrylic made when the heated liquid polymer is fed, through a series of rollers that add texture until it forms into a sheet.

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