laser shaft alignment

Laser alignment in industrial companies can be a tiny element within the organizational strategy. But, if they analyze the bases of a productive system, using precision systems such as laser aligners to ensure reliability is enough to start the cultural change within the company.

In this sense, companies must focus on producing with higher quality and rigorous control of operating costs. If you cannot optimize processes and carry out operations with a high level of quality, it won’t be easy to compete. More awareness is beginning to be seen concerning productive maintenance worldwide. It tends to occur in the same way as with other business processes and will end up normalizing, becoming the norm.

Benefits of laser alignment in industrial companies

Those who now apply laser shaft alignment in industrial companies, that is, who have a shaft alignment plan for industrial machines within their productive maintenance programs, get benefits of the type:

  • Reduction of unemployment. 
  • Savings in maintenance costs. 
  • Extension of equipment life.
  • Reduction of damage caused by breakdowns.
  • Reduction in the number of accidents. 
  • More efficiency and quality in the operation of the plant.

Companies that are not using technologies such as vibration analysis, laser alignment, lubricant analysis, or thermography will end up suffering constant breakdowns in their equipment, increasing production defects, increasing unexpected stops, decreasing productivity, increasing accidents at work, increasing their costs and, ultimately, being less competitive.

You are in a new industrial age. Companies are starting to recycle parts instead of looking for new parts. The industry is betting on sustainability, recycling, and improving efficiency. Some are beginning to improve obvious costs such as thermal leaks, gas leaks, etc. This would be the start. Start with the most straightforward and obvious. But many other industries are going further, optimizing hidden and less obvious costs that steal a good part of the industrial operating budget, such as misalignment. 

Laser alignment in industrial companies can be customized to include advanced features that meet the most demanding user needs. Intrinsically safe versions are also available for use in explosive areas. Its measurement systems are used in numerous rotating machinery alignment applications in most industries.

Laser alignment in industrial companies is used in various applications, including the alignment of rotating machines, bores, turbines, and rollers, monitoring of machine positional changes, machine tool measurement, flatness measurement, and straightness of surfaces.

Laser shaft alignment services cover energy, oil, gas, mining, petrochemical industry, cement, water, wastewater treatment, maritime and shipping sector, pulp and paper, and chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food processing, steel, production and processing, and original equipment manufacturing.

Why is a correct laser alignment of the machines so important?

Having an Easy-Laser laser alignment system can benefit your company greatly since they will help you perfectly align your rotating machinery.

  1. Better laser alignment will increase the quality of your production

When there is a misalignment in the rotating machines you work with, their rolling elements (such as shafts, couplings, or bearings) wear out more easily. This will lead them to produce defective parts that will not meet their customers’ specifications. Whereas, if you ensure the correct alignment, you will not have to spend time re-manufacturing them. You will improve quality standards and increase the productivity of your plants.

  1. Optimizing your production will mean more profit

It is obvious that improving the efficiency and quality of the operation of your plants will mean an important competitive advantage. This will allow you to increase your profits, decrease your operational costs, reduce the number of interventions and part changes, and increase your overall profitability.

  1. You will avoid costly breakdowns and unscheduled stops

You will avoid costly asset breakdowns if you actively align your rotating machines. In this way, you will reduce unforeseen events that force you to make unscheduled stops in your factories, save on maintenance costs, and extend the useful life of your machinery.

  1. It will improve the safety of your plant

If there are fewer breakdowns and unforeseen events in your machinery, this will also mean a reduction in accidents at work.

  1. It will also help protect the environment

A good alignment will not only protect your machines and workers but also contributes to the protection of the environment. Extending the life of your assets and reducing the number of parts discarded or replaced at your plants will make your production processes use less energy and become more sustainable. Your company wins, and you all win!

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