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Among various tools for Self-defense, a stun gun is a popular and handy weapon that you can use to keep your safety in check. Moreover, the compact design makes it convenient to carry it in a bag or pocket.

However, the major problem is that many people struggle to use it effectively. And if you ever lose grip while in the middle of trouble, then the attacker may use your weapon against you. So, it is essential to learn how to use it.

How to use a stun gun?

  • Make sure to practice your aim if you intend to use a projectile-based stun gun on a criminal suspect so you can really strike your target!
  • It is vital to becoming familiar with the specifics of your stun gun. Learn how to hold it, shoot it, engage and disengage the safety, and how it functions in general. One day, it could help you.
  • If you’re not aiming to terrify your victim with warning arc sparks, always establish contact with them before hitting the button.
  • Keep in mind that if you use the warning arc too frequently, your TASER device’s battery will run out.
  • Even if it sparks a lot of volts close to your palm, your electric TASER gadget is entirely safe for you.
  • Make sure your TASER gadget is reachable if you choose to bring it along. No use tucking it beneath clothing or placing it at the bottom of your backpack. Plan appropriately if you want to be able to remove it in a few seconds.
  • The best defense is to stay out of any conflicts.
  • Needless to say, keep kids out of reach of your stun weapon!

Taser vs. stun gun

In the various articles on the internet, many people have confused tasers with the stun gun. Although the stun gun and taser may have similar effects but they both are physically different.

A stun gun is a projectile weapon that shoots two metal-wired projectiles that penetrate the victim’s body and pass a strong current, causing stiffness, numbness, and difficulty speaking. Whereas, a taser is a close-combat weapon with two metal tips that release an electric charge in contact with a body. They both discharge electricity, but the difference is how they are used.

Effects of stun gun/taser

Although the effects of the stun gun may not result in significant harm, they are powerful and will give the attacker great anguish and pain.

In essence, the stun gun causes the nervous system to experience a shock wave and causes the muscles to be overworked. This hurts terribly. The size of the aggressor and the duration of the shock have an impact on its effectiveness.

The pain increases with the length of time the gadget is kept on the attacker.

A quick burst (for about a fourth of a second) will shock the assailant. It may have a repulsive effect and create slight contractions. If your assailant is still holding you, leave the area, and call the police.

A mild shock(lasting 1-4 seconds): This may cause the attacker to stumble and disorient. They won’t be able to attack again, but this will stop them from trying. Make your escape to safety and phone the police as soon as they start to fall.

End note

A taser or stun gun is a powerful tool that you can use to defend yourself in a difficult situation. With a bit of practice, you will quickly get the hang of it. You can buy stun gun for sale online from reliable defense stores.

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