These days, escape rooms are increasingly popular. An escape room is essentially a live-action adventure game in which players are imprisoned with the goal of escaping within the allotted time. The players will need to use the items and clues in the area to help them answer all of the puzzles and riddles. A narrative will be provided to the players, which they must follow throughout the whole game. In addition, players may choose whom they want to play with because the games are appropriate for friends, family, and co-workers. If you want to attempt a team outing Banglore, the greatest escape room in the city is the Breakout escape room. 

Here are the procedures to take if you want to get ready for an escape- 

  1. It’s better if everyone shows there a little early. In this manner, you will also have some time to prepare mentally before beginning the escape room.
  2. Your brain is your most effective tool in an escape room. 
  3. In order to have lots of energy, eat well.
  4. Avoid wearing high heels, tight clothing, or anything that are difficult to play in, such as skirts, tight slex, or jeans, because you will have to move around a lot in an escape room. Instead, wear comfortably and informally, like t-shirts, joggers, and shoes. 
  5. Keep in mind to listen to one another. It’s much tougher than you may imagine to listen to everyone within the escape room. You could become so preoccupied with attempting to address one specific issue that you may neglect to pay attention to the group and omit important information as a result.
  6. One of the few extraneous objects you are permitted to bring into an escape room is a watch. Appoint a timekeeper member in your team before you arrive to make the most of it. 
  7. Don’t worry if you lose a game; you won’t win every game, and that’s Positivity is a virtue.

You will now be considering how you will choose the best team: 

When you have the ideal team, your group includes all the individuals who can contribute the most at any given moment. In essence, escape rooms allow you to improve your talents, but as it frequently happens that not every team member can have the precise skills needed to escape, this is a mixed blessing. In order to accomplish the goals, you thus require team members with a variety of talents, and you also need to work together in concert.  

The group must include players’ like- 

  1. The leader— The group is under the direction of the leader. When other team members are busy carrying out their responsibilities, you will stimulate communication. Supervisors who don’t pass judgment are the finest leaders.
  1. The searcher—the searcher is in charge of sniffing out clues and essentially handling all investigation-related responsibilities. As soon as the clock starts, the searcher will begin looking for clues and hand off all of the items they find to the team members who will be in charge of handling them. The investigator will be handling both significant items and searching the room for clues.
  1. The supervisor or motivator. These team members are skilled at watching over and encouraging the competitors; they will keep the team members motivated throughout the competition. Every escape room team will gain from having a dependable person on their side who understands how to keep everyone upbeat and in a good mood.
  1. The analysts—These individuals are the ones that analyze everything inordinately. They’ll unavoidably turn into one of your top problem solvers. In the case of very difficult clues, the analyst is useful. Let your analyst consider the situation while sitting down with a puzzle. Although their reasoning may sound overly fanatical, you could be surprised by their findings.
  1. The organizers—the person who put your clues in order and came up with a solution. Ask a buddy who enjoys bringing order to chaos to serve as your organizer. Your acquaintance will like having the chance to classify the hints in this capacity. They will introduce a framework to the game that will make room for sharper reasoning and quicker problem-solving.
  1. Genius- This is your shrewd companion. They are the analyst’s antithesis. They never overthink anything; instead, they always speak their minds. The humble genius is wonderful at swiftly deciphering hints without having to deal with laborious analysis. Consider combining or splitting the work of your two puzzle masters.
  1. Goon- A goon may be useful in every room. Find a funny buddy that can make everyone laugh and have a good time. The goon frequently imitates your support teammate’s actions. They provide some respite from the pressure of the clock when combined. They could even try to locate a hint or assist in solving a riddle. The goon is a terrific complement to any squad while not being necessary.


Playing escape rooms with loved ones is always enjoyable. Even though you could feel anxious before entering an escape room, you should view it as an adventure rather than a chore. If you’re there to have fun, then have the best time possible. Even if you don’t need to be ready for anything, these actions will still help you if you so want. Make sure your team includes people who have these skills as well. 




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