Rustic restaurant lighting. Callisto (Huesca)

The restaurant lighting project that we are going to talk about today is one of the interesting challenges that we have faced in recent years, both due to its technical complexity and the aesthetic component of the space.

A restaurant (on the first floor) for creative food that also has a store (on the ground floor) for premium products from the area, and a wine cellar where you can offer a space in which to hold events such as wine tastings and events…

A restaurant renovation project directed yq9by Sánchez Guisado Arquitectos, in which Avanluce has participated as the creator of the atmosphere and lightr environments.

We had to single out the spaces and, in turn, provide them with a certain coherence and uniqueness.

The challenges in lighting traditional restaurants

We could separate the lighting challenges of this interesting challenge into four:

  1. The dining room had to be an intimate space that transmitted the warmth of home and the placidity of good, traditional gastronomy.
  2. The kitchen was open to the dining room and we had to prevent the work light from contaminating the ambient light.
  3. The winery had to have a warm light and at the same time enough to hold events.
  4. The store had to have lighting that highlighted and gave an exclusive touch to the product display space.

Restaurant dining room lighting

We had to create a magical atmosphere, and in turn, we had to find discreet lighting that could be hidden in the ceiling, where there were large waves of metal that ran from end to end.

Our idea was to concentrate the lighting in the area of ​​the tables to, in this way, create an atmosphere of light and shadow, chiaroscuro that provided privacy to the diners and that in turn facilitated the work of the waiters.

To achieve this effect, we opted for the Microscoop spotlights from the TAL firm

restaurant shop lighting

To create the exclusive atmosphere mentioned in previous paragraphs, in the store we also opted for the Microscoop spotlights from TAL, for the exhibitor area.

In particular, we opted for its option in black, combined with some in gold, to distort the tonality of the light and work on the warmth and uniqueness of the space.

, which we have told you about in our news section.

For the counter area, we selected, also from TAL, the Nobel model, very similar to the Microscope, but in this case, it is suspended from the ceiling.

restaurant cellar lighting

Restaurant open kitchen lighting

Lighting this space was especially interesting, due to its complexity.

We had to find a light that would guarantee excellent cooking and subsequent plating and that, in turn, would not be annoying for those attending the gastronomic show.

The color temperature had to be just right, both on one side and the other. Finally, we opted for cylindrical LED spotlights, technical lighting at different powers, depending on the space, depending on the work area in question, and cooking and plating.

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