Are you there? instagram? It’s one of the top social media platforms for sharing photo and video content, but personally, I love using it to keep in touch with friends, family, and even my favorite celebrities.

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But did you know that when you create an Instagram account, the default setting means your account is public? This means that anyone in the world (whether they have an Instagram account or not) can find and access your account, see any photos you post and the people you follow. If your account is public, I’ve shown you on how hackers can do it from your social media profiles in a horribly intrusive way.

Change your Instagram privacy settings now to keep your account more secure.

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Change your Instagram privacy settings

How to Keep Your Instagram Private

The main setting you’ll want to adjust is the public/private setting. As I mentioned, Instagram’s default setting is to allow your account to be public to anyone. Follow the steps below to change your account to private.

1. After opening the Instagram app, you need to go to your profile. You can do this by clicking on your profile picture in the bottom right corner, like so:

Change your privacy settings on Instagram.
(Kurt Knutsen for Fox Digital News)

2. Then head to your settings, which you can find by tapping the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.

3. Click Sset up then go privacy.

4. At the top of the Privacy screen, you’ll see where you can keep your account private.Make sure it’s turned on, then choose Switch to private.

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Now that your account is private, you must accept followers before they can see your profile. To view follower requests, click here to go to the main screen:

Change your privacy settings on Instagram.
(Kurt Knutsen for Fox Digital News)

In the upper right corner, press the heart icon, this will take you to your activity.The top line of your campaign is yours as requested will be displayed.If someone asks to follow your account, you will go here and can choose approve or ignore Require. If you ignore the request, they won’t be notified, but they can request to follow you again.

More Privacy Settings Adjustments

If you’re using other social media platforms, be sure to search for “privacy” on to learn how to adjust your privacy settings for iPhone, Android, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and China-owned TikTok.

Follow the steps below to keep your Instagram photos private.
(Reuters/Thomas White, file)

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