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The initials GPS, which refer to the Global Positioning System, have been in our society for decades. Since its appearance, its technology has not stopped advancing. Currently, these systems can offer the exact location and in real time of our vehicle or any person or object with a location system.

The development of GPS has given us many benefits and has facilitated various aspects of our day to day. Below, we show you how GPS car locators work and some of their main advantages. Do you know which ones they are? Could you keep reading and discover them?


Position locators have a complex operating system in which different elements are involved. The device must connect with terrestrial satellites to obtain the exact location and compare the information with a cartographic database. To do this, GPS has three key elements; we explain them in more detail below:

GPS Car Tracker system is a technology with 24 satellites that revolve around the planet. The locators rely on the information emitted by the satellites and, in this way, determine the device’s location. To achieve this, they connect to four satellites to receive their identification and time. With these data, the time elapsed from when the satellite signal is emitted until it reaches the device is obtained. 

After that, an inverse trilateration (a trigonometric calculation) is performed to locate the location. This information is compared with the coordinates offered by each satellite, and thus the exact position is obtained.

Cartography or maps: The coordinates obtained in the previous step are contrasted with those found in the cartographic system. In this way, we can locate the location on a map.

Device: these devices refer to technological support, allowing us to visualize the final result we have obtained. This way, we can see the exact location on a map through the screen.


Having a locator in the vehicle gives us a series of benefits and advantages that we can comfortably enjoy. It is worth knowing them to know all the options they offer. Some of these advantages can be:

Anti-theft system: if you have a GPS locator in the car, you can receive continuous and real-time information about the exact location of your vehicle, which increases its security. In case of theft, you receive a notification about the car’s movement, and you can notify the authorities as soon as possible.

In addition, some systems allow you to view the car’s trajectory through the panel on the manufacturer’s website so that you will know its route at all times. Likewise, some systems allow the engine to be blocked when it has been parked: in this way, they cannot start it again to change its location.

Security against accidents: in the event of an accident, the security system automatically sends an alarm signal to the authorities with our exact location, thanks to the GPS locator that integrates the car. This way, we ensure that the authorities get to where we are as soon as possible.

Mistakes to avoid

Mistakes: it is very likely that, on some occasions, you have gone to get in the car and need to remember exactly where you left it. You start driving around looking for it and trying to remember where you last parked it. However, you can save yourself all this if you have a GPS that tells you the location of your vehicle in real-time. In this way, you will be able to find it the first time.

Insurance savings: some insurers offer discounted plans to customers with a GPS locator in their vehicle since the probability of theft is reduced. This will allow you to save on the insurance fee.

Continuous service: GPS offers information, even in places with poor coverage, since it works through many satellites. This gives us the possibility of having data anywhere on the planet.

Easy access: it is very easy to obtain information about the location or movements of your car. You can view this data through an application that allows you to access it quickly and anywhere.

Parental control: if you lend the vehicle to one of your children, you can know where they have gone. You can locate the car if you can’t contact them because they don’t answer the phone.

As we have seen, a GPS locator has great technology that allows us to know the real-time location of our vehicle. This is achieved thanks to the information obtained through satellites, the contrast made with cartographic maps, and the device that shows us the result. In addition, as we have verified, this system offers many advantages and benefits that we can enjoy daily. It is a good acquisition to increase our peace of mind and security.

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