Have you ever considered what happy couples do differently than we do? How do they appear to be so cheerful? Are they simply unlucky?

We model ourselves after persons who have previously attained what we desire in NLP.

If you want to reduce weight, talk to someone who has done it before and understand what they did.

If you want to break a habit, look for someone who has done so.

Modeling after success eliminates guesswork and provides a clear path to results. Of fact, there are multiple ways to do most tasks. However, if you model yourself after successful people, you can avoid all the hot air.

As the saying goes, if you want a happy romantic relationship, study happy couples.

It astounds me how many unhappy couples there are. Still, I know a few who are, like Jake and Hannah Eagle, creators of the best online dating software I’ve ever seen.

I recently asked Jake what happy couples do differently in his experience as a husband and psychologist. I’ve also included my personal lessons learnt and a substantial quantity of objective information. So, here they are:

Six Things Happy Couples

The majority of these concepts are straightforward. They are all worthwhile.

1. They take their time getting to know each other.

A quick embrace. Peck on the cheek automatically. It’s time to go!

This may appear to be typical, but happy couples take much more time to feel one other’s bodies.

Hugs that are genuine. Kissing with the impression of lips provides an extra ounce of connection that binds two individuals together.

Top relationship tip: Connect. Physical connection taking Fildena 100 increases oxytocin, the hormone that drives human bonding.

2. Happy couples delight in surprising one another

If the human need for variation is not met, it will KILL your long-term connection. How can you keep things exciting when you’ve known someone for years?

Take them by surprise! No, you should not buy a new car to surprise your spouse. The best surprises are those that include your thoughtfulness. Fortunately, the small things matter.

As an example:

  • Saying “I love you” out of nowhere.
  • Unexpected presents and low-cost outings.
  • Helping others with household duties.
  • Giving a massage for free.

It’s the simple things that count! Each one adds a different flavour to your relationship’s formula. If you ignore this one, the surprise you receive one day may not be nice.

When things go wrong, they immediately look at themselves

Healthy couples are excellent at holding each other to account. This is achievable for one essential reason: everyone holds themselves accountable first. Try continually keeping an equal partner accountable while never taking responsibility for yourself.

This pathetic tactic just fosters mutual animosity and defensiveness.

If you want the ability to hold others accountable, you must be willing to expect the same of yourself. This level of personal maturity earns you the respect you deserve.

4. Contented couples learn to converse with “simple” sophistication

It is NOT DIFFICULT to LEARN AND APPLY A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF Sophisticated Communication Skills. In NLP, for example, we know that the majority of communication occurs through three of the five senses. We communicate through images, sounds, and feelings.

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Most people prefer one of these techniques of communication over the others. Love is an expression of communication. As a result, it is essential to send it in the manner in which your spouse wants to receive it. So straightforward!


If your love style does not match your partner’s, she will not feel appreciated. You’ll end up giving love but developing something ELSE.

Gifts, dressing up good and going out, a tidy kitchen, seeing you do something for them are all examples of visible signs of love.

Auditory lovers enjoy hearing sweet and caring expressions.

Hugs, proximity, holding hands, kissing, and other forms of touch are preferred by feeling-oriented partners.

Outside of your partner’s modality, communicating love may not even be considered (for your partner). A hug, for example, does not mean as much to a visual lover as seeing evidence. In fact, persistent clinging may make you feel suffocated.

Allow your partner to see, hear, and feel you. If you don’t know what your partner prefers, ask!

5. Happy couples are first and foremost friends

A good marriage begins with friendship before it becomes a family. Why? Because, on average, people choose friends to family.

The evidence for this is quite compelling. In its real-time happiness poll, the Mappiness App received more than 3 million replies. The findings clearly demonstrated that participants were significantly happier in the company of friends than in the company of family. Friends made people happier than marriages, and they even outperformed “other family.”

People in origin families are accustomed to opposing one another, becoming upset, rolling their eyes, fighting, sneaking around, and feeling oppressed. That is the truth. Families are frequently boiling pots of pain.

If you are friends initially, your primary relationship or marriage does not have to be like this. Good friends are less prone to be disrespectful to one another. You are more likely to respect limits if you are buddies.

Many couples make the fatal mistake of delving too deeply and too quickly into a young relationship. By doing so, you forego the opportunity to build a friendship and instead create another family member.

6. Be gentle

Gentleness has the potential to improve your relationship. Indeed, the Gottman Institute, a marital research leader, argues that being kind is the most important factor in determining the success of your relationship.

Are you kind to your spouse? If you don’t, you’re only adding to the hurt and animosity. Hurt and bitterness do not simply disappear in the absence of reconciliation. Resentment will rear its ugly head one day.

Surprisingly, many of us mistake tenderness for indulgence. We believe that if we are kind, we must put up with rudeness, abuse, laziness, and so on.

Examine the responses of 436 women. The Good: Approximately half of those polled believe their sex life improved after their partners began taking Viagra—more gratifying for many, higher libido—and 37 percent say their emotional intimacy enhanced.

Not to do

You can be kind while yet demanding respect, holding people accountable, and enforcing punishments. Being polite is, in fact, a considerably more effective manner of demanding respect.

Are you determined to be happy or unhappy?

The real fact is that your subconscious mind is not as invested in your happiness as you are. It could be holding reasons for clinging to familiar unhappiness, known as psychological attachments.

To put the above concepts into action, you may need to identify and eliminate your self-sabotage tendencies. This eliminates the instinctive propensity to accept the uncomfortably familiar.

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