Faulty Electric Appliances

Electrical faults can wreak havoc on you and your home’s safety. They can pose threat to your family if the problem is not addressed and fixed promptly. This is why electrical fault finding in London becomes extremely necessary as you cannot risk your safety.

When there are electrical faults in your home, it will cause the specific circuit breaker to trip and immediately cut the electricity off. But sometimes this is not the case. It may cause the main switch’s power to trip. In such a time, finding faults in the electricity in your house can help you fix the problem.

So, if you are worried about those faulty electronics in your home, make sure you take the right precautions. Here we discuss the most common faulty electrical items that can put your home at risk. We will also shed light on some tips to help you dodge the consequences of having faulty equipment in your house.

When extension cords are at fault

Extension cords are a useful tool for using electrical equipment when there is a lack of sockets, or they are a bit away from the device you are using. However, the issue with them is that they carry a risk of getting damaged or having too many devices plugged in.

Often, extension cords are put away behind furniture or places like TV cabinets. When you plug or unplug devices from the extension cord, the cord gets pulled and pushed simultaneously.

This results in a frayed cord, exposing or pulling the wiring out. This can cause loose connections. Sometimes, you may notice that something is wrong and there is a faint crackling sound when you move the extension cord. The best you can do to ensure safety is to check the extension cords regularly.

If you still have any doubts or concerns, do not think twice again about replacing the extension cord with a new one.

Faulty toasters

If your toaster is not working properly, it can lead to a fire that can spread to other parts of your house. If you think there is something wrong with your toaster, unplug it. Do not forget to contact an emergency call-out electrician to help you fix it. If your toaster’s plug is unsafe or was exposed to water, directly switch off the power in the fusebox instead of touching the plug.

When microwaves are faulty

Just like toasters, faulty microwaves can pose threat to you, your home and the people inside it. A faulty microwave has the potential to lead to an electric shock or a fire.

If this is the case with you, make sure you replace your damaged microwave then and there. Or if an accident has occurred, we recommend checking the electricity in your home by an electrician.

What about faulty televisions?

While televisions consume less energy than toasters or microwaves, we use them a lot, and that too for extended periods. These days, TVs are meant to stay cool when they are used for extended periods. However, it was not the case for older TVs. They tend to collect dust and are more susceptible to overheating.

If you are thinking to buy a new TV, by all means, have it. But make sure you pay attention to the number of devices you have nearby or plug into the TV.

The surrounding areas of TV usually have a bunch of other devices like speaker systems, games consoles, Amazon or Google home assistants, and more. This tends to increase the pressure on the TV sockets in that area, resulting in a greater risk of burnout.

Call in an electrician to help you check the surrounding area of the TV to ensure that everything is safe. He or she will also advise you on ways to decrease the pressure on the surrounding electrical sockets.

Unsafe electric plug sockets

Sockets need to be checked regularly. You should not use them at all if they show any signs of wear and tear or maybe overheating. If there is any damage, do not hesitate to contact an electrician and replace the sockets as soon as possible.

Intermittent light coming out of bulbs

Light bulbs that do not work the way they should give off an electric shock or cause fires. This means you need to fix them as quickly as possible. Make sure you keep replacing the light bulbs at regular intervals. This is especially true for older light bulbs. Also, you should replace light bulbs if they have been broken or dropped for some reason.

In this post, we tried jotting down some of the few examples of electrical items that could pose a threat to you and your home. There are other devices as well, and they include electric heaters, kettles, and cookers.

If there are any concerns that you may have with your faulty electrical appliances, or you have a faulty fuse box, do not wait. Make sure you call an emergency electrician to give you support for any electrical issues that you have been encountering.

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