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Epoxy Flooring Benefits

Epoxy flooring is an extremely resilient option that stands up well against shock, heat and chemicals – perfect for high traffic areas with many benefits!

Epoxy resin is highly resistant to many potentially hazardous substances, including petrol, diesel, transmission oil, bleach and cleansing materials – making it the ideal choice for garage environments. It can withstand all car maintenance needs with ease!


Epoxy flooring can withstand high traffic areas or showrooms that demand aesthetic appeal without cracking under impact, without cracking under foot, vehicle and heavy equipment traffic.

Epoxy flooring can resist chemicals, spills and dropped items more effectively than other flooring materials; meaning less time will need to be spent scrubbing and mopping floors as frequently. With epoxy’s easy maintenance features like swipe mopping technology it takes just seconds per swipe of your mop for your floors to stay looking like new and clean!

Epoxy can be applied in an assortment of colors and patterns that give your home or business an artistic, unique appearance. Metallic pigments add shimmering effects that catch the light for an eye-catching visual, while aggregate sand blends provide non-slip texture for safety in industrial settings where oil, grease and other contaminants could possibly spill onto floors.

Easy to Clean

Epoxy flooring’s nonporous nature makes it one of the easiest floors to keep clean, using much less water and cleaner than most other options, making it more eco-friendly. Furthermore, epoxy does not contain cracks or crevices where bugs or bacteria could gain entrance, making it ideal for areas that handle food, chemicals and oil regularly.

Epoxy floors are also impervious to stains and spills, making cleanup simple in case a mishap arises. You can quickly clean away antifreeze, engine oil, paint, household cleaners or any other hazardous chemical substances from spilled onto them – simply wipe up and dispose of accordingly.

Epoxy floors provide an even and durable surface that makes working on vehicles or other equipment much simpler in your garage, as you won’t be working on uneven concrete that could hasten tire wearout. Simply using a dust mop with mild cleaning solution will go far toward keeping an epoxy floor tidy.

Stain Resistant

Epoxy floors are strong, durable and stain-resistant; making them an attractive flooring choice in hospitals, garages and living rooms alike. Easy to maintain with their glossy surface reducing smudges and streaks easily; additionally epoxy can be customized for a unique look by including decorative flakes of mica or vinyl; quartz aggregate blends; metallic pigments or even decorative flakes of mica/vinyl/ceramic into epoxy concrete coatings to achieve unique looks and feels.

These flooring solutions can withstand heavy impact from equipment, dropped materials or other accidents without cracking or becoming damaged, making them an excellent choice for industrial spaces. Furthermore, these floor coatings are resistant to water, chemicals and shocks making them an excellent option.

Aluminum oxide additives can make these floors even more slip-resistant, providing anti-slip protection when needed. Furthermore, their smooth and seamless surface means no crevices to collect dirt, grit, or bacteria – saving money and time when cleaning.

Easy to Maintain

An epoxy floor can withstand most stains and damage; however, it’s essential that its surface remains free from dirt and dust accumulation, otherwise dirt could embed itself into its fibers and cause scratches when machinery or vehicles pass over it – eventually dulling down its initial glossiness.

To prevent this from occurring, it’s a good idea to sweep and vacuum floors on a regular basis to clear away dirt and grit. Also consider installing walk-off mats at entrances of buildings or facilities to trap and collect any accumulated grit before it has an opportunity to scratch or stain your epoxy flooring surface.

When cleaning epoxy flooring, avoid using soap-based cleaners or citrus based cleaners as these may leave soap stains behind and be dangerously slippery once dried. Furniture or equipment should also be cleared away before mopping commences; hard foam mopping with an approved non-enzymatic cleaning solution and water is ideal.

Easy to Apply

Epoxy flooring’s ease of installation makes it a cost-effective solution for many businesses, while simultaneously decreasing equipment requirements for installation. Where other types of flooring require saws or other machines for application, epoxy only needs basic tools for application – saving businesses money in installation costs while decreasing waste production.

Epoxy flooring is shock-resistant and designed to withstand heavy loads without chipping or breaking, making it the ideal solution for warehouses, factories and industrial plants. Furthermore, vehicles moving over it reduce transportation expenses as well as wear-and-tear on vehicles used for business.

Epoxy flooring can also be bright and illuminating, increasing lighting by up to 300 percent and making objects and people easier to see. Its glossy sheen adds a professional appearance while its wide selection of textures and colours allow it to fit any business aesthetic perfectly. Plus, safety customizations provide extra protection.

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