Commercial kitchen consultant

The appointment of a qualified and professional consultant is crucial when it comes to designing and installing a commercial or hotel kitchen. A commercial kitchen consultant or hotel kitchen consultant may make sure the kitchen is planned and constructed to satisfy the unique requirements of the company while also adhering to regional health and safety laws. We are one such expert in the field, who provides a wide range of services that may assist guarantee the success of any commercial or hotel kitchen project.

Understanding the Differences between Commercial Kitchen and Hotel Kitchen Consultants

A commercial kitchen consultant is a specialist within the setup, operation, and construction of such a kitchen. We work in close collaboration alongside proprietors of restaurants, chefs, and a variety of stakeholders to create a kitchen that is suitable for the business, take into account anything from kitchen size to equipment choice. On another hand, a hotel kitchen consultant is responsible with designing an eating area that serves all of a hotel’s food and beverage needs, encompassing room service, banquet services, and other needs.

We have the best consultant who has experience and knowledge in the particular style of kitchen you require while making this decision. Our commercial kitchen consultant is more knowledgeable about fast-casual restaurants or food trucks, whereas a hotel kitchen consultant may have experience building huge banquet kitchens or catering kitchens.

The Top Choice for Commercial Kitchen Consultant Services

For both hotel kitchen consultant services and commercial kitchen consultant services, we stand out as the top choice. We have more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality sector, giving them the knowledge and skills necessary to create kitchen designs and constructions that are tailored to the specific requirements of any company. We have a successful track record and have worked with a variety of clients, including big hotel chains and tiny individual restaurants.

Using computer-aided design our team can produce extremely accurate and detailed drawings for the kitchen, which may assist guarantee that everything is designed and constructed in accordance with the client’s exact requirements. This may ensure that the kitchen is efficient and functional while also helping to avoid expensive mistakes and delays. The breadth of other services, in addition to our knowledge of kitchen design, may assist guarantee the success of any commercial or hotel kitchen project. These covers planning a budget, managing projects, and buying equipment.

Commercial kitchen consultant

The Benefits of Sustainable and Efficient Kitchen Design with CAD Hospitality Planners

We know how important it is to design kitchens that minimise their environmental impact while yet satisfying the needs of the company. This entails making use of energy-saving appliances, planning kitchens to maximise ventilation and natural light, and using sustainable materials whenever available.

When planning and building a commercial or hotel kitchen, there are several aspects to consider. Every element of the kitchen, from its size to the equipment it uses, needs to be carefully designed and executed. Businesses can ensure that their kitchen is created to fulfil their unique requirements, adhere to regulatory regulations, and function efficiently and sustainably by hiring an experienced and trained consultant like CAD Hospitality Planners.


It is essential to refer to a consultant when trying to design and build a commercial or hotel kitchen so that you could optimize the space fully. And this is where the best consultancy service CAD Hospitality Planners come in. With our experience, expertise and commitment to every step of the process, makes the customer satisfied with the result. We are the ideal partner for making a kitchen efficient, optimally functional and aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, CAD Hospitality Planners is the company to get in touch with when you need a commercial kitchen consultant or a hotel kitchen consultant.

We are also the best restaurant consultant, so if you want a restaurant design consultant then please visit our website or contact us to book your consultation.

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