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Honey for Skin

Apply honey to remove acne

Honey for Skin: There are many ways to get rid of acne. But have you ever used honey? Honey makes your skin soft and glowing. Actually raw honey is the best remedy to treat acne because, it has the ability to kill the bacteria. Apart from this, being a natural antiseptic, it does not harm your face in any way.

The fatty acids, other vitamins and anti-bacterial properties found in honey reduce the radiance of the skin. Not only this, it contains glucuronic acid, which converts glucose oxidase into hydrogen peroxide. Let us know its uses and benefits.

How to use honey for acne?

apply raw honey on the mouth
honey for skin
Apply raw honey on the face
Wash your mouth properly with any anti bacterial face wash.
Apply some raw honey on your pimples (where there are pimples) with the help of your fingers.
Leave it for some time.
After that wash your mouth.
honey and lemon

Honey and lemon mask

For this you will need one lemon and one teaspoon of honey.
Take out the lemon juice in a bowl or any other utensil
After that add one spoon of honey and mix it well.
Apply this mixture on your pimples.
stay like this for a while
Then wash your face with lukewarm water.
honey and yogurt

Honey and curd

suggested  –  Honey for face glow

For this, use half a cup of curd and two teaspoons of honey.
Mix yogurt and honey well in a bowl
Apply this prepared paste on your mouth
But don’t let it touch your eyes.
Wash your mouth after drying it.
Honey and Brown Sugar

Honey and brown sugar

acne care
2 tbsp raw honey
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp coconut oil
Take a bowl and add honey and brown sugar to it.
Add coconut oil.
Mix the ingredients properly.
Apply this mixture on your face.
Massage lightly for a few seconds.
Then wash with lukewarm water.

honey and banana

Mash a banana well, then add one spoon of honey to it and mix it.
After this apply on the face.
Keep it on the face for ten minutes.
Then wash off.

Try with banana
Honey and Aloe Vera
2 tbsp aloe vera gel
1 tbsp honey
Pour aloe vera gel into the bowl.
Add honey to the gel.
Apply this mixture on your pimples with the help of your fingers.
Leave it for at least 20 minutes.
Then wash well.
honey for skin

Honey with aloe vera

honey and coffee

1 tsp coffee powder
1 tbsp curd
1 teaspoon honey
Take out the curd in a bowl.
Add coffee powder.
Add honey to it.
Stir ingredients together.
Apply the pack on your face.
Leave it on for two to five minutes.
Wash it off with water.

honey and coffee

Honey and Cinnamon
3 tablespoons of honey
1 tbsp cinnamon
Take honey and cinnamon in a bowl.
Mix both the ingredients well.
Microwave the mixture for 30 seconds.
Apply the mixture when it cools down.
Leave the pack on your face for 10 minutes.
Wash off now.

honey for skin for acne

All these methods are beneficial in reducing acne. All these methods reduce the redness caused by acne on the face and give soft and healthy skin. This is a natural way by which you can get rid of acne. This does not cause any side-effects on the face. Honey will not cure your acne completely but to some extent your face will start glowing more than before.

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