Surprised to witness the wide range of Indian wedding dresses online? Wish to explore your available options for the big day? Buying Indian wedding dresses online can be overwhelming. Still, you can follow essential tips to choose the best Indian wedding dress.   

As far as wedding dresses in India is concerned, it is almost like capturing the entire nation and its essence. Everything from the existing crafts to innate traditions, regional and religion influences, to even personal preferences -all of these come into play when you have to decide the best wedding dresses for the big occasion.  


Choosing the Best Indian Wedding Dresses  

Indian weddings are one of the most exquisite affairs to behold. Indian weddings captivate people across the country with their dazzling aura, appetizing meals, and delightful gatherings. While you might look into the grandeur of the event, the Indian wedding dresses that you choose for different events are another important aspect to consider. 


At its core, a bridal lehenga or dress truly unfolds her personal style. The expansive market featuring classic Indian wedding dresses range from elaborate gowns to dazzling sarees and even voluminous lehengas. Whether you are planning to tie the knot soon or attending someone else’s wedding, you should conduct in-depth research beforehand to ensure the best sartorial choices for your upcoming celebrations. 


What are the Differences Between Indian Wedding Dresses Across the Country? 

Unlike variations in cuisines and languages, Indian wedding dresses vary from one state to another. The climatic conditions in different parts of the country play an important role in selecting your perfect wedding outfit. At the same time, you are also required to provide relevance to the symbolism and colors of motifs used.  


For instance, in India, Kashmiri brides wear the classic pherans -featuring gold threads and the famous pashmina. In the state of Gujarat, the bride is traditionally expected to change two attire or sarees -a gharchola and a panetar. Punjabi brides typically choose glorious lehengas in brighter shades of pinks and reds. At the same time, a beautiful Bengali bride will go ahead with adorning a completely red or maroon ensemble for different events. Indeed, the religion also plays a vital role in deciding the wedding dress of a woman that she can flaunt on her big day.  


An Overview of Indian Wedding Dresses and the Popular Styles 

Indian wedding dresses are available in different styles -each reflecting the rich traditions and innate culture of the nation. Some of the most popular styles for Indian wedding dresses are: 


  1. Sarees: It is a long fabric that is draped around the body and worn on special occasions. Elegant sarees are made out of rich fabrics like chiffon or silk while featuring heavy embellishments or intricate embroidery. The saree is an immensely versatile garment that can be worn in different ways. Therefore, it serves to be a popular choice in Indian weddings.  


  1. Lehenga: It is an elegant two-piece outfit featuring a long skirt and a stylish crop top or blouse. The skirt of the apparel is usually heavily embellished, beaded, or embroidered to enhance the auspiciousness of the wedding dress. At the same time, the top or the blouse features intricate designs made out of high-end fabrics like velvet or silk. The Indian lehenga is one of the most popular choices amongst brides as it appears elegant and makes way for a must-have piece of Indian wedding dress. 


  1. Anarkali: It is a lengthy, flowing gown featuring a fitted bodice and a beautifully flared skirt. A classic Anarkali dress is made out of rich fabrics like chiffon or silk while featuring intricate beading and embroidery. The Anarkali serves to be a popular choice amongst bridesmaids. It is immensely stylish and comfortable at the same time. 


  1. Salwar Kameez: It is a comfortable yet glamorous Indian attire for the wedding season. The salwar kameez combo features a long tunic known as the Kameez. The Kameez is complemented by a stylish bottom wear known as the Salwar. You can complete the entire look with a beautiful dupatta. The Salwar Kameez attire is quite popular in weddings in North India. The dress is primarily worn by brides both pre- and post-wedding. 


What are the Popular Colors and Fabrics for Indian Wedding Dresses? 

Indian wedding dresses are renowned for the use of luxurious fabrics and vibrant hues. Some of the most popular shades for Indian wedding attires are pinks, reds, violets, and even golden. In most Indian traditions, red is regarded as an auspicious color for carrying out wedding rituals. Therefore, it is a highly sought-after color option for the big-day apparel. 


Some of the common fabrics for classic Indian wedding attires are usually highly intricate and luxurious -including chiffons, georgettes, silks, and velvets. These rich fabrics are usually accentuated with the use of intricate beading, high-end embroidery, and heavy embellishments like stones, sequins, and glitter.  


What are the Latest Trends in Indian Wedding Dresses 2023? 


  • Modern Veils: In most western wedding attire, veils play an important role. However, quite recently, veils have received a surprising twist to become a part of traditional rituals as well. Bridal gowns and lehengas nowadays feature sheer dupattas that have been repurposed in the form of attractive veils. The latest veil trends exhibit the use of minimal crystal work and elaborate borders to make brides feel like a queen. 


  • Trail-back Lehengas: Trail-back lehengas or the lehengas leaving a trail behind have become quite synonymous with immense royalty and high-end drama in any big-fat Indian wedding. While western brides have tail-long gowns, Indian brides are also opting for trail-long lehengas to stand out.  


  • Earthy and Neutral Tones: While pinks and reds continue being trending hues for the Indian wedding season, we are also observing a rise in the number of brides or bridesmaids choosing neutral or earthy tones for the big day. From sage greens to deep browns, burnt oranges, purples, beiges, and even golds, the options nowadays are endless.  



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