The engine is undoubtedly the most important component of a vehicle. Maintaining the engine healthy would not only enhance its life but also would get you better resale value for the car. Choosing a trusted car service centre is of paramount importance to maintaining the car and its components healthy and performing. Buyers looking for used cars in Kerala inspect the car thoroughly before reaching a decision. This article, a beginner’s guide to car engine maintenance, is looking at the significant aspects of engine maintenance. And the tips for maintaining the car engine healthy.


  • Engine Oil Replacement

The engine oil specifications will be available in the car manual. Use the engine oil of stated specs only and avoid opting for duplicate products. Replacement of engine oil in the interval stated by the manufacturer is mandatory. Further, get the engine oil checked for its condition, even if it hasn’t completed the assigned life. Engine oil has multiple functions with respect to the engine. It reduces wear and tear, keeps the engine cool, and removes dust, dirt, sediments and other foreign particles.

  • Cooling System Inspection

The car engine gets heated up during continuous operation. The engine cooling system is assigned the task of cooling down the engine and maintaining efficiency. The coolant condition as well as availability will affect the functioning of the cooling system. The coolant that has lost its characteristics will not be effective in cooling down the engine. Engine cooling system coolant is replaced in twelve months normally. However, it would be better if the condition and availability of engine coolant were checked at every servicing.

  •   Fuel Filter Replacement

The fuel filter prevents foreign particle ingress into the fuel system. Dust, dirt, and other particles reaching the combustion chamber can impact the efficiency of the engine, besides causing damage. The fuel filter will get clogged after the usage for a certain period. Hence, the inspection and replacement of the fuel filter are necessary at regular intervals.

  • Inspection, Cleaning, and Replacement of Air Filters

A proper ratio of fuel and air is necessary for ensuring trouble-free combustion. Any issue with the fuel/air ratio can cause combustion issues like engine knocking. This will not affect engine efficiency but also would lead to reduced fuel economy and increased pollution. The air filter must be cleaned in the stated periodicity meticulously. They should be replaced on completion of service life or if it becomes irrecoverably dirtier, whichever is earlier.

  • Avoid Driving the Car in Reserved Fuel Constantly

The bottom portion of the fuel tank would contain sediments and dirt that may have infiltrated the petrol. Running the car in reserved condition may lead to a fuel pump sucking the sediments contained in the reserved fuel. This would damage both the fuel pump, besides augmenting the wearing out of the engine.

  • Worn-out Rubber Belts

Wearing out of rubber belts is another problem that may lead to damage to the engine components. Squeals and abnormal sounds from the belt are what indicate that they have become defective. Get the rubber belts replaced without any delays if you observe this issue. You can expect a better price for a used car in Kerala, only if it is in good technical condition.

  • Condition of Electrical Cables and Spark Plugs

Ensure inspection of electrical cables and spark plugs during car servicing and maintenance. Periodic cleaning of spark plugs is necessary to ensure their optimal performance. A dirty or defective engine spark plug can cause starting trouble. Think of the scenario when the car fails to start when you are going out urgently. Or consider the possibility of a potential buyer rejecting your car or reducing the price only due to the starting trouble. People looking for used cars in Kerala after proper inspection and on-road testing only. Hence your car must be in a good condition if you want a good price.

  • Car Engine Inspection and Correction is Mandatory If the “Check Engine Light” Comes On

The engine warning light is an indication that states something is really wrong with the engine. You must take the car to a trusted car servicing centre if the check engine light warning comes on. Many reasons can lead to this warning. Hence, inspection by a specialised automobile technician only can find out the exact reason for the defect. Never ignore this warning if you want the engine to perform healthily.

The Conclusion

Maintaining the engine properly is the only way to get the car to perform optimally. You can also get the best resale value in the second-hand car market through this. Instead of landing the car at any car servicing centre, you must pick a trusted one. As you cannot confirm whether all the servicing jobs are carried out properly or not.

Let us know if you have any queries or questions regarding car engine maintenance. We would be glad to help you.


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