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In the modern world, it seems inconceivable that any business would operate without some form of online presence. And although many companies have realized the power of social media by using it as a marketing platform to present their businesses to the world. That’s no longer enough to set you apart from the competition to get along with custom web design Orlando. That’s because almost all enterprises now have a social presence – no matter how small.

Enter websites. To really set yourself apart from the competition, the least you need is a website that displays your company information and that tells your potential customers who you are and what you do.


With a custom theme, you can provide the impression of originality by using the theme’s predefined styles for particular page elements.

Even though you have your own ideas in mind, your finished product will look extremely similar. In comparison to the countless number of websites already online that employ the same theme.


In this era of mobile devices and mobile broadband, the time it takes for a business’s website to load might mean the difference between gaining and losing a customer. Over half of all website visits quit if a page takes over three seconds to load.

According to a white paper published by Google through the DoubleClick network on how pace affects publisher earnings. A custom web design Orlando is no lesser than shooting up a bullet.


If a security flaw is discovered in one site running on the platform, every site built on that platform, including yours, is subject to the same security holes when you use a website builder and an open-source CMS to create your site.

So it does exploit in order to get access to any other sites using the same version of the system. Whereas security is guaranteed when it comes to custom web design Orlando.

Scalability & Flexibility

Because of their inability to grow with their users, website builders have a short shelf life in the commercial world. After a website created with a website builder has served its purpose. Then the owner will need to make the transition to a content management system (CMS) or a newly developed website.

When you construct a website from the ground up, you have the freedom to consider future expansion. Thus making it easier to adapt to new requirements.

Business Functionality

It’s not enough to simply focus on marketing and branding while creating a website. Having one built from the ground up allows you to customize your website to your specific needs with custom web design Orlando, making it one of the most compelling arguments.

Though open-source content management systems are versatile. Thus optimizing their features to benefit your organization may happen to be time-consuming and expensive.

The Final Thoughts

However, in the long term, a web page that is custom-built according to your company’s and customers’ needs may turn out less expensive than via open-source software.

And it can also help drive sales as consumers follow the path you created for them rather than one predetermined piece of preexisting software.

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