10 Outfits With a Sweater and Ankle Boots so That the Cold Does Not Ruin Your Style

In addition to being the most spooky and cold season of the year, autumn represents the perfect opportunity to show off modern, warm and very fashionable outfits.

With the wind and the drastic changes in weather, it is essential to look for looks that keep us warm without losing style. In this sense, sweaters and ankle boots are a must for any woman looking for comfort and sophistication in a single outfit.

We at Albeli show you 10 outfits that will inspire you to add these elements to your image and look more beautiful than ever. Take note and get ready to set a trend.

#1 Warm colours

Look for a sweater that’s orange, beige, camel, or olive green, and pair it with accessories in neutral tones. In this case, the striped print gives it an elegant and sober vibe that anyone can fall in love with.

Add a crossbody bag, white ankle boots and your favourite hat. It looks great, don’t you think? Or, choose an oversized knit sweater and corduroy or velvet jeans. Ankle boots with flowers achieve the perfect contrast between femininity and sophistication.

#2 Oversize

One of the most popular trends in the world of fashion is oversize garments. Thanks to its style and modernity, it has become a key element of celebrities. Combine it with a vinyl belt and ankle boots in a neutral colour (white, beige, camel or bone). Once you try it you will be ready to succeed.

#3 Rocker style

Keep your rocker essence with a simple and minimalist look. Wear a black vinyl or wool skirt (so you don’t freeze), a plain turtleneck sweater, and matte-coloured ankle boots.

Add a coat, long socks and your favourite clutch. Don’t forget to wear discreet accessories like perlite earrings or a bracelet.

#4 Animal print

To give your outfit a more elaborate and fashionable touch, you just have to combine a simple sweater with skinny jeans, a blazer and animal-print ankle boots. It is the ideal outfit to go out to eat with your best friends or go to a work meeting. It is a modern and elegant set that does not require much effort.

Now, if you are looking for a more extra and glamorous look, replace the blazer with a coat and combat boots with studs or glitter.

# 5 Elegant and chic

If you want to project style, empowerment, and security, you will love this option. The protagonist of this outfit should be your sweater. Choose one that has texture and a contrasting hue (deep orange, brown, mustard, or camel).

Complement the look with a mini skirt, black ankle boots, and dark tights. The icing on the cake can be a maxi coat or a handbag.

#6 Turtle sweater

It does not matter if it is white, pink or yellow, a turtle sweater will always give you the look of a fashion blogger. Get out of your comfort zone and combine this garment with other styles, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

#7 Modern and sophisticated

Your look can be inspired by the layering technique. It consists of using several layers of clothing that have different textures and colours, in order to give the outfit more depth and keep us warm for the rest of the day.

The best of all? If you get hot or uncomfortable, simply remove one or two items for a lighter, cooler outfit.

#8 Maxi brim

Who said that it was impossible to wear summer clothes in autumn? Wear your favourite skirt and combine it with a sweater that has an elegant and discreet fabric; In addition to keeping you warm, this look will allow you to reuse clothes from other seasons.

The white sweater and the hat give a mega-fashionista touch. What do you think?

#9 Fatal Woman

Leather (or vinyl) skirts are elegant, comfortable, and chic. Show it off with a light sweater, transparent tights or cosy socks, and some high-heeled ankle boots; This way you will avoid getting tired throughout the day and you will be able to do all your activities without discomfort.

#10 Accessorize your look

Extra-long necklaces, suede hats and combat boots are ideal to complement these options. We suggest you take them in bronze, silver or gold colours.

Leather bags and sunglasses also look great. Try our recommendations and encourage yourself to see (and feel) like the goddess you are. Yes, queen!

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