Unforgettable Things to Do in Cartagena

Inspired by more than four hundred years of colonial history and beauty, a trip to Cartagena, Colombian Caribbean cities of Cartagena is an exciting adventure. With the luxury of the Caribbean close at hand and an excellent nightlife and dining scene, the costs quickly add up. There are plenty to Things to Do in Cartagena that will not fill your pockets. Grab the latest discounted deals on Flights From Miami To Cartagena, book now and save.

Historic Old Town

Enjoy the enchanting atmosphere while you stroll through the cobbled streets, brimming with churches dating back centuries, lush parks and homes with colourful balconies that are adorned with bougainvillaea. Tourists who want to learn how the city’s fascinating cultural and historical past can take part in an open (but cost-based) walk. Free tour of Cartagena or Beyond Colombia are good options.

Explore the walls of colonial times

Walking through Las Murallas, the imposing four-kilometre long stone fortifications which surround the oldest portion of the historical centre, is an absolute must-see when you visit Cartagena. The fortifications were constructed during the time of the Spanish (along and many thousands of African slaves) in the 1600s to guard the city from pirate attacks and incursions.

The iconic structure provides spectacular and unique views across Cartagena’s Old Town and beyond to the crashing waves and the vessels at sea, the magnificent Castillo San Felipe fortress and the towering buildings of the contemporary Bocagrande neighbourhood. Bocagrande.

Take advantage of the sunset

Every evening, tourists and locals visit the sea-facing western ramparts in the centre of Cartagena for a classic Cartagena experience of taking in the stunning sunset view over the Caribbean as a refreshing sea breeze soothes the sun-scorched terrain.

Start arriving around 5:30 pm to locate a place to sit, purchase an ice-cold drink from a street vendor, and make sure you have your camera ready when the sky begins to change hue to welcome the evening. Insider tip: If you’re near the well-known yet expensive Cafe del Mar, you can relax in the lounge’s chill out music without paying the outrageous cost.

Clock Tower

The main entrance into the inner walls of the Old Town, the Torre del Reloj also known as the Clock Tower, is one of Cartagena’s most recognizable landmarks and is a frequent gathering spot with Cartageneros (residents in Cartagena). In the afternoon, visit Plaza de La Paz, the vast square located in front of this iconic monument.

While you’re there, in addition to watching the bustling life of the city, you can see street performers performing traditional dance and music from across the Colombian coast, such as mapale, a flamboyant form of dance that has pure African roots, accompanied by a fast-paced drumming. The event is free, however suggestions are welcome.

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House Museum Rafael Nunez

The site has been designated a National Monument since 1950, Casa de Rafael Nunez is the place where the ex- Colombian president as well as a lawyer and composer for the nation’s anthem Rafael Nunez, lived and passed away.

The stunning white and green mansion, which is two stories tall, is still preserving its 19th-century architectural style and furniture from the period which includes items belonging to the private collection of Nunez along with his second spouse Soledad Roman. It’s free to enter however, you’ll have to purchase the guide. Make sure you visit the chapel on the street, where you’ll find beautiful stained glass windows, as well as the tombs of the previous owners.

Plaza de la Trinidad

Named after the 17th century Iglesia of Santisima Trinidad, which is located on the other side and The Plaza de la Trinidad is an ideal place to hang out in the evenings in Getsemani in which you can enjoy the authentic cartagenero culture. Popular with tourists and locals It’s a lively atmosphere but laid back.

You’ll often see street performers, including musicians, jugglers, and dancers who keep people entertained till late. Every Sunday, at 8pm the plaza offers a no-cost Zumba class in which you will learn how to dance to the latest Latin beats. Get rid of the bars and restaurants that line the square and dive into delicious street food for a bargain price.

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